Brainstorming Mini-Lesson

Skill: How to Brain Storm

Grade: 1st

Students will each have a composition notebook with an area designated to “Brainstorming” and another area  for “Brainstorm Web”. In these areas, students will write down a topic and notes about that topic. This can be something they refer back to as they continue with future writing.

1. Students will write at the top of each page a different title

  • Section 1 = About Me
  • Section 2 = My Family
  • Section 3 = Things I like to eat
  • Section 4 = Things I like to do
  • Section 5 = Class Topics- something everyone in the class is learning (ex. Weather, Animals, Flowers, etc.)

* The teacher will have their own notebook as well to do this activity with students. They can use this notebook to refer back to their own ideas when teaching a future lesson.

2. Students will have 2-3 minutes to write down words, write down phrases, or draw images about each section. They may discuss with other students their ideas and help out a friend if they are struggling. The teacher will walk around and listen to students ideas and guide students to staying on task.

* This task will take 8-12 minutes

3. After, the teacher will ask for 2 or 3 students for each sections to share what they wrote down. This may help other students think of new ideas to add to their own section.

4. Students will pick one section and something that they wrote down in that section. The teacher will show students how to create a “brainstorming web” for the idea they chose.

5. On the board, the teacher will draw a big circle in the middle with a few lines that branch off of it. The students will do the same in their area for “Brainstorm Web”.

6. In the center circle, students will write one of their ideas (ex. Going to the Park)

7. On each line, students will write/draw something more detailed about their main idea (ex. Swings, slide, playing with friends, etc.).

8. Students now have a visual way to express and organize their thoughts.

*For students who may have difficulty with drawing these shapes with enough room to write in them, the teacher can print out a pre-made organizer that has space for the student to write their ideas.


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